Submission Guidelines


Acta Structuralica accepts submissions on a rolling basis. Please send your manuscript or contact the editor, Simone Aurora.

Submissions can consist of original papers, critical editions or translations of source materials, translations of previously published materials, archival documents, reviews, conference reports, interviews, audio or video materials (modalities of publication will be discussed on an ad hoc basis).

Submissions must be clearly related to structuralism. This journal’s understanding of “structuralism” or the structuralist canon is purposefully wide and inclusive, extending for example to post-structuralist thinkers. Crucially, submissions need not be concerned directly or specifically with classics of the canon, but can put forward new analyses and contemporary applications. Bear in mind, however, that when submitting articles on authors at the margins or the periphery of the structuralist canon (i.e. Butler, Chomsky, Deleuze, Foucault, Peirce, etc.) or proposing new concepts and ideas, the relation of your submission to core structuralist insights (e.g on the concepts of structure, system, value, sign, difference, Gestalt, etc.) must be made clear and must constitute more than a passing reference or initial pretext. If in doubt, please send an abstract to the editor.

Review process

We conduct a three-phase open review process.

  1. The editor reviews submissions and takes an initial decision to accept, request revisions or reject.
  2. A member of the review board conducts a full evaluation, and provides a short report with a recommendation to accept, request revisions or reject. The report is published as an online attachment to the publication. In case of disagreement in the evaluation with the editor, an external reviewer can be sollicited.
  3. All articles published inĀ Acta Structuralica remain open to post-publication review after its acceptance. Potential reviewers can simply post their review as a comment and inform the editor that their comment is intended as a review. Potential post-publication reviewers must have obtained or be pursuing a PhD in a field relevant to the submission under review.

Formatting and Style

Maximum word count: 10.000

Please submit your paper in plain text in one of the following file format: .txt, .odt, .doc/.dox, .xml. We do not accept Latex. Do not apply any styling or formatting (except e.g. italics) to the text, keep it as plain as possible (e.g. no extra spaces between paragraphs, no indent for quotes, etc.). Your text will be processed and typeset by us in the standard JATS/XML format.

Use Harvard Style for in-text citations, e.g. (Aurora 2016).

Place calls to footnotes before punctuation marks, e.g.: this is a footnote1.

No particular or unified style is required for the bibliography: all entries will be inputted in the Structuralica database and formatted for you.


  1. This is a footnote