Phenomenology & Structuralism

Special issue: Phenomenology and Structuralism – Acta Structuralica (September 2017)

Phenomenology and Structuralism are commonly understood as two opposed and largely incompatible schools of thought. Indeed, if the former is pictured as the philosophy of subjectivity par excellence, and the latter as the tradition in which the “death of man” is declared, it seems difficult to challenge the above mentioned alleged truism.

But overall, Phenomenology and Structuralism represent complex and composite cultural phenomena. So, looking at the historical circumstances of their emergence, their particular developments and their core theoretical insights, we can recover many historical and theoretical interconnections. The first special issue of Acta Structuralica entitled Phenomenology and Structuralism, directed by Simone Aurora and Rossana De Angelis, will be devoted to discover their relationships.

This special issue intends to show how and why Phenomenology represents one of the most fundamental neglected sources of Structuralism. And it offers at the same time the occasion to collect different researches made by different researchers in a same éditorial place.

The first special issue of Acta Structuralica wants to be the occasion of a dialogue between philosophies and philosophers concerned by this question.