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On Cross-linguistic Equivalences

Eugenio Coseriu

Translated by Carlos I Echeverría Arriagada

pp. 153-156

This is an English translation by Carlos I. Echeverría Arriagada of the text “Sobre equivalencias in­teridiomáticas”, which is a part of Coseriu 1977 and itself a trans­lation of the author’s response (in French) to the Czech linguist Jan Šabršula in the context of the Xe Congrès International de Linguis­tique et Philologie Romanes (Strasbourg, 1962) (see Šabršula 1965). Despite the text’s notably short length, it provides a very enlighten­ing insight into a subject that is of major importance to linguistics but about which many are not knowledgeable enough, even today.

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DOI: 10.19079/actas.2017.1.153

Full citation:

Coseriu, E. (2017). On Cross-linguistic Equivalences. Acta Structuralica 2, pp. 153-156.


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