Acta Structuralica

international journal for structuralist research



Language in literature

Roman Jakobson

edited byStephen RudyKrystyna Pomorska


Among the essential items in this collection are such classics as “Linguistics and Poetics” and “On a Generation That Squandered Its Poets” and illuminations of Baudelaire, Yeats, Turgenev, Pasternak, and Blake, as well as the famous pieces on Shakespeare and Pushkin. The essays include fundamental theoretical statements, structural analyses of individual poems, explorations of the connections between poetry and experience, and semiotic perspectives on the structure of verbal and nonverbal art.

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Publisher: Beacon Press

Place: Boston

Year: 1987

Pages: 548

ISBN (hardback): 9780674510272

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Jakobson Roman (1987). Language in literature, ed. Rudy Stephen, Pomorska Krystyna, Beacon Press, Boston.